More About Galactic Strongholds


Today, Jesse Sky, project lead for Galactic Strongholds took to the official website to give a bit more detail about the upcoming expansion. You can read all about it here. Things were explained with a lot more detail than previously offered. I’ve gone ahead and detailed most of the new information below.



In order to unlock a Stronghold there will be a Stronghold Directory on the Fleets, as well as each planet that has an available Stronghold. Players can then purchase the corresponding Stronghold via the directory.


Strongholds can be decorated with various decorations that come from my aspects of the game. However, in order to use multiple copies of the same item in your Stronghold, it must be unlocked however many times you wish to use it. (i.e. If you unlock a chair you must unlock it a second time if you want two of the same chair in your Stronghold.)

The decorating system also works like a very advanced Lord of the Rings Online system. Instead of only having a handful of potential places to put decorations, there are many more all over the place. Even still, the “hooks” where decorations can be placed are still limited in quantity and not exactly free form.


In order to allow others to see your Stronghold, you may send a temporary invite, similar to inviting someone to group with you. If there are people that you trust a lot, you may grant them an actual key to your Stronghold, and that allows them to enter your Stronghold even when you are not online. The key can also be upgraded to allow that person much more administrative control over the Stronghold.

Legacy Storage

The new Legacy Storage system can be used to unlock a bank that is accessible to everyone in your Legacy. The item *seems* to be a decoration (potentially a closet, chest, etc.) and is obtainable through the Cartel Market, or by player crafters.

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