Major Bank Bug Terrorizing The Elder Scrolls Online

If you’ve played ESO the past week, you know that the game is currently going through its post-launch bugs. From quests not working to character advancement being halted, these instances are normal within the first days of any MMO.

However, there seems to be a bigger bug affecting players in a whole new way.

According to a post on the official forums, last night’s server downtime was to fix not only the massive lag happening during loading times, but also to fix some problems with the Bank. Players have been reporting seeing their items, bank space and deposited gold going missing. Some players have even had such bad luck that this bug has affected them more than once, or to have their characters stripped of all their armor, skill points and completed quests.

ZeniMax has not reported a fix for the issue, but has asked that everyone be patient as they work through what could potentially be a game-breaking issue with the new MMO. Some of the responses have also been mixed, with some customer service reps stating that the items cannot be replaced while the official post by Jessica Folsom states that they will be.

Here is the official post:

Last night, we performed a maintenance to address the long loading times that many were reporting, and some of the missing bank item issues. If you are still missing bank items, deposited gold, bank slots, and/or skill points, please submit a help request either in-game or via our help portal here: We are actively investigating this issue.

If you have already submitted a ticket about this issue, we ask for your patience, please. We’re getting through them as quickly as possible.

If you submitted a help request for this issue, are still experiencing it, and your ticket was erroneously closed as “Resolved”, please reply to this thread with your ticket number.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated as a fix for this issue is made known.

(Thanks to Martin Maenza for the heads up!)


  • Bradford, glad I could get information to you all to share with the public. Lou had found the link to Jessica’s post, and I filled in Evarwyn/Dave/Lou with the response I got on my ticket when my bank account got hit this afternoon. I do hope they are able to resolve the issue and restore lost items/gold to everyone effected. I am still loving the game despite this “hiccup”.

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