Larian Studios Helps A Fan Propose to Girlfriend In-Game

Larian Studios, the developer behind Divinity: Original Sin, helped a man propose to his long time girlfriend by allowing him to create an in-game quest involving a ring, question, and response.

During the Kickstarter campaign for Divinity: Original Sin, Larian Studios offered players a chance to create their own cooperative dialog. To the studios surprise, many fans saw this as an opportunity to express their love through in-game interaction. Unfortunately, the game was delayed putting many romantic plans on hold. But for one fan, this hurdle would not stand in the way.

Daniel, not accepting defeat, contacted Larian Studios to set up an in-game marriage proposal for his long time girlfriend, Dolores. Much to his surprise, they agreed and a plan of action was put into place. After convincing Delores they had won a fan contest, they traveled to the studio to “test” the game. Once they arrived, Dolores took the controls and began her quest.

Not far into the journey she discovered a ring that contained a cryptic message: “Bring me to the statue of the lady, and her spirit will be revealed to you.” Delores continued with her quest and, eventually, came upon a forgotten statue. The ring activated and a ghost appeared from the ground offering words of encouragement: “I am the spirit of Love, so say what has been in your heart for so long!” Daniel’s in-game character proceeded to drop a romantic bomb: “Dolores, will you marry me?”

Elated with excitement, Dolores quickly accepted the proposal and the happy couple were officially engaged. To share the special moment with others, Larian Studios caught the experience on video which can be viewed below.

Those looking to express their love will not have to wait much longer to do so. Divinity: Original Sin will be available this spring, and will ship with a game editor. Soon, every hopeless romantic will have the opportunity to express their love, or ask for a divorce by creating custom campaigns that all players can share in.

Source: Youtube

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