Kickstarter for Book of Unwritten Tales 2 Extras

King Art Games, the developers for the point-and-click adventure game Book of Unwritten Tales 2, have announced a new crowdfunding endeavor on Kickstarter.

According to King Art Games, the kickstarter campaign is not intended to obtain funding for the game as it is already fully funded by Nordic Games and set for a tentative release date of Jan. 2015. Rather, the campaign is in effort to raise additional moneys to add in extras that will give the game more flavor.

The team are looking to add not only extra content in the form of character customization costumes and side quests, but also new game development technology in the form of projection mapping that will add more pop to the gameworld as well as live Orchestral recordings of the soundtrack.

The first game to this sequel was released in 2009 to critical acclaim and the second one is expected to do just as well. What some of the reviewers had to say about BoUT were:

  • IGN 9/10: “You simply can’t ask for a better adventure game.”
  • Kotaku: “[…] a showcase for a game type that many of us have lost track of.”
  • Screw attack 9/10: “[…] reminds me why I fell in love with point’n’click games in the first place.”
  • The Escapist 5/5: “Smart, funny, well-crafted and has tons of heart.”
  • Adventure Gamers 4.5/5: “[…]an epic adventure […] with some of the most endearing game characters of all time.”

Being a backer comes with a long list of rewards, from access to the developer forums where you can communicate with the team to receiving digital editions of the first BoUT game and the Critter Chronicles add-on for it, to limited kickstarter editions of the game that come in a boxed set with a printed making-of book and extended manual. Don’t forget that being a backer can also get your name in the game and special dev team acknowledgements in the form of autographed posters and cards also!

The Kickstarter campaign has already raised almost half of the first requested goal in the first few days and has crept up a bit more even as I write this! According to the information on the kickstarter page, the campaign looks to have four pre-staged goals to add in increasingly costly extras as the campaign continues and those new goals are reached.


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