Justice System in Elder Scrolls Online Update

The Creative Director of The Elder Scrolls Online, and lifetime achievement winner of Shank’s “Huge G Award” (which, we imagine still stands majestically next to his can of Mountain Dew on his desk at Zenimax Online Studios), was interviewed by “Gaming Bolt” on the post launch of ESO and what features may be coming to the game soon, which can be found here.

Among other things, the article explains that the upcoming “Justice System” will give players the ability to steal from NPCs, but also from other players as well! The addition of this content will also allow players to act as guards and attempt to stop these thieving players who, no doubt feel like they are simply exercising their “natural right to a Five Finger Discount” from our pockets. This means that the system will be adding a type of PvP into the main world (Non-Cyrodiil), as a reult! Sage also stated that players will also be able to kill these NPCs, but there wasn’t any clarification if he had meant any NPC, including quest-givers.

We’re looking at adding in the Justice system which is where players can steal from NPCs and the NPCs will react to that, I can kill NPCs and NPCs will react to that. The coolest thing I think about that system is because it’s online we can allow players to not just steal and kill, but they can also become guards and act in justice. So you’ll have a little bit of PvP in the real world in the Justice system. –Paul Sage

We also learned these interesting items as well we’d like to pass on:

  1. New VR Dungeon “City of Ash” coming soon (no date specified)
  2. “Region three of Craglorn” coming soon (No date or details yet)
  3. PS4/Xbox One does not have a Specific Release Date, yet
  4. Zenimax Online Studios is aiming to keep their 3 to 4 week content release cadence

This and more will be discussed on Episode 116 of Elder Scrolls Off the Record, Thursday 6/26 at 7pm EST on our Twitch Channel. Until then, though, tell us what you think of the Justice System and the updates in the comments below!


  • Even though I am not as interested in the Justice System, I still think it is an important step in the development of what ESO is to become. It is an feature that ties ESO in to the rest of the ES games, and a lot of people enjoy that style of playing. It gives the game more of a “sandbox” feel, meaning players can wander about causing mayhem, or protecting the peace instead of playing through the quests. I’m very glad to see an announcement about this.

  • As stated by Jessica Folsom in a post about this article in the official forums there is a typo in “Region-free of Craglorn”, it should be “Region three of Craglorn” which corresponds to another portion of Craglorn which will include another trial.

  • That makes a lot of sense. Looking at the article itself, where there were already a few mistakes, I can see that happening.

    Thanks for the update Luiz. I’ll be making the edit on this immediately.

  • I think that is is really an amazing idea to add to the game. I kinda wished you could do this in Skyrim as well. I think it would be great to join the guards and help them get rid of crime. It just opens up the game so much more and makes it feel more like a living world. I’m very excited to see this in game.

    • @shootyoureyeout

      I agree with this. I am hoping that TES 6 allows NPC’s to pickpocket you, and steal from other NPC’s as well so you can catch them. It is going to take a lot of work to get this right in an MMO. Especially when it’s first introduced, I can see a lot of people taking advantage of the situation. But I just hope this is a precedent to a Thieves Guild in the game!!!!

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