Health Damage Shield

Name Your Build: Health Damage Shield
Class: four
Race: seven
Roll: tank
Attribute Points – Health: 60
Attribute Points – Magicka: 0
Attribute Points – Stamina: 0
Mundus Stone: Atronach
Skills – Bar 1:

Inner Fire
Channeled Focus
Blazing Shield
Bone Shield
Blazing Spear

Skills – Bar 2:

Some other stuff.

Light Armor: 1
Medium Armor: 1
Heavy Armor: 5
Gear – Head: Tremorscale
Gear – Shoulders: Tremorscale
Gear – Chest: Plague Doctor
Gear – Legs: Plague Doctor
Gear – Boots: Plague Doctor
Gear – Gloves: Plague Doctor
Gear – Belt: Plague Doctor
Gear – Necklace: Thunderbug
Gear – Ring 1: Thunderbug
Gear – Ring 2: Thunderbug
Gear – Weapon 1: Thunderbug Sword
Gear – Weapon 1 Offhand: Thunderbug Shield
Gear – Weapon 2: Thunderbug SS
Gear – Weapon 2 Offhand:
Champion Points – Warrior – Description: Hardy
Champion Points – Mage – Description: Elemental Defender
Champion Points – Thief – Description: Arcanist
Build Details:

Walking inferno as you taunt boss, Automatic Death Steamroller.

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  • when you put Four and Seven does that mean the number of their line up in the character creation part of the game? Been thinking of making a templar for this week’s challenge

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