GLYPH: A New Digital Games Platform



Trion Worlds announced today that they are releasing a “lightweight digital hub for PC Games” in order to help promote their own titles, as well as those of other developers in which they strongly believe in. They’ve named Glyph. In their announcement they further clarified that the goal for Glyph would be to help games find their way into the hands of players who might not have otherwise even heard of the title. The implication is that the games market is so densely over-saturated with titles that many quality games simply leak through the cracks. Glyph will be aiming to fix this problem by simply featuring titles that meet the approval of Trion Worlds. Among the noteworthy features of Glyph is the promise that the service will be “free from the Digital Rights Management (DRM) utilizes that cause so many problems for gamers” and also “single player games will not require an always-on connection in order to be played,” which reaches outside of the Steam and Origin norms. Glyph began signing developers in early 2014 and is expected to release the entire list of launch partners at 2014 Game Developer’s Conference. Stay tuned to Quest Gaming Network for further updates with Glyph as they develop.

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