Glass Motif Crown Store Controversy, Explained

A brief moment with Evarwyn, as he discusses the controversy surrounding Glass Motifs in the ESO Crown Store, a recent tease of Orsinium from ZOS on Twitter, and a major update for ESOTR PC/Mac Guild members! Also, take a look at Elloa’s You Tube video, where she explains her opinions on why adding the glass motif to the crown store, right now, is a crap idea
Glass Motif Crown Store Controversy, Explained
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  • Hey there! Just listen to the last episode. First off I agree the drop rates on fragments are to high and what not, but I just wanna point out you put alot of misinformation in this episode.

    •Malachite Shards CAN be found outside IC
    • IN-game Glass books DO NOT specifiy between light, heavy, or medium armor just like all the other motifs each armor page/whole books goes towards all classes of armor.
    •in-game glass books unlock all craftable glass items just like the crown store book. Weapons and armor

    Thanks for putting out an episode anyways eve!

  • I had a ton of crowns stored up, just turn VR13 and was still in VR11 gear… got the glass motif from the crown store and made a whole set. Feels like I cheated, like I spent real money on Candy Crush or Game of War… not a good feeling.

  • i think ur missing one insight here. they must really need money bad if they’re willing to go to such lengths to score cash in the crown store. the game might be failing

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