Gearbox Announces ‘Battleborn’ – A First-Person MOBA

image courtesy of Game Informer

The team that made the smash hit Borderlands series is back with a new game, a first-person, MOBA-style, sci-fi game called Battleborn.

As revealed by Game Informer, Gearbox Software says the game will feature a variety of characters to choose form including ninjas, marines, hunters, and giants, and will have unlockable characters as well. The heroes are tasked with battling over “the last star in the cosmos”, and there will be several game modes. So far the only one announced is Incursion, a 5-on-5 mode that features strategic, team based first-person action. There will even be a five-player cooperative campaign, but Gearbox hasn’t released any information on this yet.

Game Informer exclusively reveals more about the game in their current issue, available now digitally and in the coming days in print.

MOBAs are seemingly taking over the gaming landscape. Competitively, it’s tough to beat a good MOBA or first-person shooter, and now Gearbox has essentially combined the two, hoping for a mega-hit. What do you think? Does this formula have a chance of working? Is this one you’ll be checking out? Let us know in the comments below.

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