Farewell to Rift: For Now

By now the news that the cancelation of “Rift Off the Record” has reached you. As the owner and producer of Quest Gaming Network, you should know that this decision wasn’t made lightly nor was it made alone or on a whim.

About a week ago, Liz, Rage and I sat down to talk about some personal schedule issues they had in regards to the show. Without getting into too much detail about the host’s personal lives, we found ourselves in a position where we had a choice:

1. Record Rift OTR sporadically when chaotic and constantly shifting work schedules can allow
2. Put the show on indefinite hiatus, so at least the Rift community had something worth looking forward to
3. Cancel the show outright

Neither of which sounded like a good option, especially when QGN has a large fan community who, it might be a good idea to put out a call for hosts and have come onto the network to do the show.

On paper, especially when faced with outright cancelation, calling for more podcast hosts sounds like a good idea. However, then we have a lot of other logistical concerns to factor in. Podcasting takes into account many factors, and whereas it sounds like anyone can get on a mic and do it, you need a skillset that either comes with experience or natural talent to make a “Good” podcast, one worth listening to. Not to mention, even though the right person, or two, may answer up for the job, they need equipment, time, knowledge about Rift, time to play the game, enthusiasm and chemistry between each other. If these things don’t already exist in the network, its very difficult to find among the community, with all or one of those qualifications being a major issue that tends to disqualify a person.

In short…it takes a long time to find podcast hosts. That in and of itself is not much of an issue, but to state publicly “Hey guys, the hosts of Rift OTR no longer have time to do the show, so we’re looking for new hosts and until then, we’re just not going to do the show” is ‘half-assing it’. We owe the Rift community more than that. The natural and most dignified choice became the one choice we didn’t want to look at: Cancelation.

So, it is with great regret that I announce the cancelation of “Rift Off the Record”. In many ways, this is a show that’s being canceled before its time…but then, so was “SWTOR Reforged”, and you can never truly keep a good man down. Nothing at QGN is impossible and we’re keeping a vigilant eye, behind the scenes, to find a way to service the Rift community. However, without anything definite, this will be the end of QGN’s coverage for Rift.

The final episode of “Rift Off the Record” will be recorded on Wednesday night, May 7th on the Quest Gaming Network Twitch Channel

The official time is still pending, but watch our twitter for the official announcement this week

Twitter: @RiftOTR

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