Fallout Off The Record Episode 36: Cower Before the Mechanist!

fallout 4 mechanist

Fallout DLC The Automatron has been announced for March 22nd and tonight we dive deep into it! The Mechanist is our main topic and he is surrounded by his news, game-play and listener email minions. They also reveal next week’s challenge and have a big BIG announcement for us all.


Fallout Off The Record Episode 36: Cower Before the Mechanist!
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  • Hey guys! love the podcast, been listening since episode one. i would like to add some info to your memory alpha, the Troubleshooter armor and weapon sets that you mentioned like the “troubleshooters 10mm pistol” for example, i believe it is an easter egg bethesda put in the game that no one has made a connection to yet, the troubleshooter is a character in a radio drama style podcast (like the silver shroud show) called “The Thrilling Adventure Hour podcast” and one of the shows they do is called “Sparks Nevada Marshall On Mars” and in this show, the troubleshooter teams up with sparks nevada to uphold the law on the plains of the red planet, sparks has a pair of robot fists that hardly ever miss as his primary weapon, and Sparks, troubleshooter, the red plains rider, and croach the tracker often find themselves fighting robots or crazy scientists with robot henchmen, and with the automatron DLC almost here i thought it fitting to mention all these references i think are an homage to the sparks navada show because they no longer make episodes, however i highly recommend checking it out, its by Acker&Blacker, and they have great guest stars come do voices, one being comedian Paul F Thompkins and (for you rick) voice actor John DiMaggio the voice of Bender from futurama 😉 so check it out, i love the podcast and Keep up the great work guys! and thank you for reading 🙂

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