Fallout Off The Record Episode 21: Deathclaws!

Deathclaw Fallout 4

Hey everyone! Welcome to another episode of Fallout Off The Record! We are back live and have a TON to report to you from what we have been doing in the commonwealth. Also in tonight’s episode we have Fallout 4 news, stories about Deathclaws and our game-play for this week. So sit back and let us regale you with tales from the commonwealth of booty and plunder; also the occasional x rated teddy bear…


Fallout Off The Record Episode 21: Deathclaws!
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  • Hey, guys. Been listening since episode one. Love the show. I have a level 88 character in Fallout 4 and have done pretty much all there is to do in a single playthrough except permagrind on the radiant missions. I’d like to volunteer my services as a research assistant. Let me know if I can help out an any way.

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