Fallout Off The Record Episode 15: The Unusual Suspects Part 3

Fallout New Vegas Companions

Off we go into the wild wild west of Fallout: New Vegas in search of more companions! On tonight’s episode we have Fallout 4 news, Fallout Shelter Updates, gameplay stories, and our recap of last weeks challenge. We will also announce the Funko Pop Mystery Mini Giveaway winners! So grab a nuka, sit back and let us regale you with tales both harrowing and hilarious in tonight’s Fallout Off The Record.

Fallout Off The Record Episode 15: The Unusual Suspects Part 3
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  • Actually those NCR Deserters are in the base game. I ran into them on Xbox on Wednesday for the first time. And it allows you to gamble in Primm if you come back later on. Maybe it was added in with the DLC because I never saw this in my initial playthroughs.

  • I had some suggestions for what to cover when the game is released!

    1). Fun build ideas/characters…a la Forrest Gump. Build ideas geared toward specific gameplay styles.
    2). Easter eggs and unique details from the very early game that might have been missed by many players i.e. Characters & references from previous fallout games, etc.
    3). In depth review of the perk systems and perks that might be particularly useful
    4). Guide for early gameplay based on your experience without giving spoilers. Example might be “don’t get this perk because it seems really helpful, but you never use it” or “get perk X early, as you will be very glad you did. You face challenge Y a number of times and having this perk will make it easier/open up more of the game.
    5). Your favorite parts from the first part of the game. Characters you liked, references that made you crack up, your favorite perks/companions/whatever!
    6). Mods. Your favorite weapon mods/builds
    7). SETTLEMENTS!!!! Limited story impact and lots of fun stuff to do! (I think)

    These are Obvs just suggestions. Thanks so much for the fun podcast! You two do an outstanding job! It has helped pass the wait and I look forward to hearing more even after the game has been released!

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