ESOTR’s Exclusive: “Elder Scrolls Online” Weekend Beta Test, Video Coverage!

Catch up on the latest videos, directly from Elder Scrolls Online weekend beta test! Here is an updated list of our new video series. This list will be updated during the week, as we finish production, so be sure to check back each day, as more will be hitting this page!


  • Thank You for posting these videos !!! I am also in the betas !! And through your videos that I have just watched I learned quite a few things in regards to crafting, and especially Lock Picking !! Again Thank You for that !!!
    I always look forward to your podcasts so I can burn them on to CD’s whilst I do my 140 mile round trip to work and home !!!! Keep up the great work !!!! from A very loyal FAN since the first Rift podcasts !!! But I like Elder Scrolls a lot more !!!! And I did get the Physical Imperial Edition !!! YAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BY the way I will be 55 this year so I would be considered old to you Youngsters !!!! LOL !!!!

  • Again, thank you for doing this, cant wait, ebonheart pack all the way though

  • Couldn’t agree more Martin! Though I am not as old I am pushing 40. Can’t wait for this game!

  • interesting to see such a mature crowd acting like a bunch of fanboys. I’m 44 and I pre-ordered physical imp as well. Keep up the great work

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