ESOTR Short Episode w/ Evarwyn

In lieu of the fact that we wont have a ‘proper’ ESOTR episode, I decided to pick up the mic and explain why and attempt to leave a little something for you to enjoy this week (in addition to Classic), while waiting till next week for our next show. Sit back and listen to some nice TES music while I explain some of the things you may have seen from ESOTR, this week, while discussing some controversial subjects in the ESO community. Later on, I lay out a quick framework of a “Witch Hunter” build in Skyrim. Also, don’t forget to check out the special Elder Scrolls livestream tonight, at 9pm EDT, where I’ll be playing all of the TES games from Arena to Skryim and ESO. See you later and I hope you enjoy!
ESOTR Short Episode w/ Evarwyn
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