ESOTR Guld Event: Call of the Meridia Rangers

Call Of The Meridia Rangers
Time: April 17th @ 10PM EST

Starting Location: The Withered Tree

Storyline: After thwarting Azura’s plans to gather filled black soul gems, word has spread that she is planning to retaliate. Using her influence, she has gathered a Daggerfall army at The Lion’s Den. They are awaiting orders to swarm into the Rift. A call has been sent out to the Rangers of Merida to meet this threat before they have a chance to launch their attack.

Another mission, this one consisting of the elite group of Meridia Rangers, will sneak into the heart of Aldmeri Dominion and into the Vile Manse where Ebonheart spies have discovered where the strange shipments of black soul gems where headed to.

The group will be broken into two. One will be non-veteran players that will head into the Lion’s Den and the veteran players will head into The Vile Manse. They will gather clues that will further unravel the events surrounding Azura, the mysterious coins, and the black soul gems.

– Message @Nerevar-Telvanni in game for veteran player group invite

– Message @TheRazor for the non-veteran player group invite.

Only bows are to be used in both weapon slots and to add more challenge to this, you will be using first person mode.

Teamspeak is also required

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