ESOTR 88: Double Stuffed

This week we have a GIANT show for you! We cover the “Ask Us Anything Variety Pack 10”, Analyze the “Creating ESO: Werewolf” article as well as present points from our own ESOTR articles “What ESO Absolutely MUST Do To Succeed With Elder Scrolls Purists” by Shank and “What ESO Absolutely MUST Do To Succeed With MMO Fans” by Evarwyn and discuss the Skyrim/Minecraft Mash-Up coming to Xbox 360. The guys also catch up on the recent Dev Questions of the Week, Shank gives his report on his Mod Challenge of the Week “Iron Fist Challenge”, Lou presents vampires in The Elder Scroll and we answer YOUR emails! Sit back, relax and lets hang out in Tamriel!

Episode 88: Double Stuffed

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