ESO Stamina Builds Getting Some Love

We talked about the need for Stamina Builds in ESO getting some love on Episode 115 of The Elder Scrolls: Off the Record. ZeniMax apparently has heard the call and released some information for an upcoming patch, specifically geared towards players who use Stamina based skills as the mainstay of their arsenal. Here is the information, as detailed by Jessica Folsom in a recent forums post:

Bow: Poison Arrow

  • Poison Arrow’s damage-over-time has been increased by 50% overall.

Bow: Snipe

  • Snipe’s cast time will be reduced from 3 seconds to 2 seconds.
  • Snipe’s maximum range will be reduced from 40 meters to 35 meters.
  • Snipe’s minimum range will be reduced from 20 meters to 10 meters.


Dual Wield: Flurry

  • The damage for Flurry’s final hit will be increased by 10%.

Medium Armor

  • With the Wind Walker passive, medium armor will reduce stamina costs by 2% per piece equipped.

Two Handed: Cleave

  • Cleave’s damage-over-time will be increased by 25% overall, and scale as the ability ranks up.

Two Handed: Uppercut

  • Uppercut’s damage will be increased by 10%.
  • Uppercut’s global cooldown after use will be reduced by 50%.

Are you a player who uses mainly stamina skills? What do you think of the upcoming adjustments to the game? Let us know in the comments below!


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