ESO Rumor – Starter Islands Optional?

As reported on, a Reddit user has posted some information regarding what some are speculation is the latest patch on the ESO Beta PTS.

In the Reddit thread, user inx_n states that according to a forum post on the “Rerolled Forums,” users of the PTS have reported the following:

  • Collision detection with NPCs just got put in.
  • You can also now skip the starter islands and go straight to the first city in your area. You can port back to starter islands if you want.
  • Mob difficulty increase slightly starting at level 5.
  • Buffs and nerfs to class abilities
  • Fixed an issue where many abilities were not properly obeying line of sight rules.

Of course, this is speculative, as no word has come officially from Zenimax that any of this has been implemented. A lot of outlets and fans reported that the starter islands were too slow, and the ability to skip them could be a direct result of this feedback. The collision detecting in NPC’s, again if the rumor is substantiated by Zenimax, could also be resulting from the combat as being described as “floaty” in a lot of instances, my opinion included.

This could all have also been apart of the larger plan from the beginning as well, but we won’t know until Zenimax either announces this, or the next beta test reveals whether this rumor is in fact true.

What do you think? Would you like to see all these changes implemented? Let us know in the comments below, as well as on our forums!


  • Collision detection for NPCs would be great. I’m not too keen on skipping the starting experience, though, so I probably won’t be using that feature myself. Auridon itself feels relatively linear in my view, so it’s nice to have that initial change of scenery to keep things interesting.

    • I both agree and disagree. I myself won’t skip the starting islands on my first characters, however if I create another in the same faction I might. It’s nice to have the option on the second play through.

  • also, wouldn’t you miss out on the shards?

  • Now is the time for them to make such changes if they need to, so it sounds good to me. We won’t know more until the next closed beta session that is hopefully this weekend, where those of us in the Beta can read the full release notes which are probably a lot longer than this.

    I wouldn’t recommend skipping the starter islands, however. The second time I participated in Beta, I actually spent more time on them to get more levels up prior to tackling the quests in Glenumbra and it worked out well. To go right to Daggerfall with slightly toughened up monsters might be a bit rough without some hand-me-down gear to help out.

  • Oh wow… that’s great, just what the ESOTR crew said they should do. haha

  • All things that prove they are listening to beta feedback. The haters can hate about the sub fee but I’m all for it. Keep the game improving over time and give us the best experience they can.

  • I have it on very good authority that the collision detection and starter island changes are correct. It is such a breath of fresh air that ZOS actually takes user feedback and acts on it. I am tired of those developers that say our way or the highway.

    I agree with Karoneth in that I will not skip the starter islands either. I really enjoy the islands but I can see how some of the more experienced “hardcore” MMO players would want to skip them. Though I doubt any Elder Scrolls fans will be skipping them.

    It is great that ZOS continues to take feedback and provide us with more options.

  • I think collision detection is going to help – I found passing through folks a little jarring during the last beta.

    I also think the skip option of starter zones will appease those who did not like them and want to jump ahead. Another example of ZOS implementing their “play your own way” motto. For me, personally, I doubt I will skip starter areas as I want to get in as much of the story as possible. I like exhausting all the avenues and exploring everywhere. As a programmer, my thought is this – someone took the time to work on those so I, as a consumer, should be willing to give them my time – at least on the first play through for each faction.

  • Is it “REALLY” an option? If I’m not mistaken you will miss 2 or more sky shards and more than 4 lore books. I’d have to do a tally of other missed items but no thanks I think I’ll do them. Thank you very much. I can do it in like 20-30 minutes vs how long does it take to replace an extra 1 or 2 skill points and ? other items.

  • I really don’t understand the apparent obsession with skipping the starter island. I mean, I get that it’s an elder scrolls game, and should be all one world and what not, but it’s honestly kind of a dumb idea. I mean, the first place you go to after the starter island is levelled for someone around level 5. I’m not sure how you’re going to continue through that at level 1. I really feel like people are complaining for the sake of complaining on this one, unless they can implement some major system of scaling all enemies to your level. The only other solution would be just giving you the 5 levels right when you leave the island, but then why would anyone actually play through the island.

    • I agree Mrwhitepantz. Those same people will probably complain when they skip the starter island that they are only level 1 and things are too high level for them.

  • I like the starter Islands especially the EP starter even after 5 times of doing it i still find new things

  • I think its always great to have options as far as skkipping the starter island. That being said I’m not really sure what lvl 2 or lvl 3 players would want to be in an area with lvl 7 to 15 mobs…. Again the option is good but you will still be locked on the island in a sense so I dont think it fixes anything. Just the fact this is a rumor is kind of a good thing though because it shows that the dev team is still listening to the players I know many hated that starter island thing and heres a rumor about them making changes.

  • I just watched the video Bradford post on youtube, The combat looks amazing.

  • I saw ForceStragedyGaming showing off the collision detection and the lack of starter island.

  • I think it’s great to have the option to skip the tutorial island, however if I were to skip it, missing out on those skyshards would haunt my dreams for eternity. Plus there is loot, xp, and a little story on the island that I would miss out on.

    • I also LOVE the fact that they are fixing the line of sight issues. In the last beta, I got turned around a couple of times & still managed to hit my opponent. Very immersion-breaking & I felt like I unintentionally cheated.

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