ESO At E3 2014 – Arena PvP?

I swung by the Bethesda booth earlier today to check out some of their offerings, but also because Zenimax Online Studios had a section of the booth set aside for themselves. Brian Wheeler, Matt Firor and Gina Bruno were on site showing off the game, but in an interesting fashion.

3vs3vs3 Arena-style PvP.

Now, before you get too terribly excited, they are not announcing a new gamemode for ESO. In order for them to show off Cyrodiil at the Expo, it would require about 300 computers, according to Brian, so this was a nice alternative.

That being said, I really hope they do add this to the live game eventually, as it was the most fun I’ve had in ESO in a while. I enjoy the game, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes trying to traverse Cyrodiil in order to group up with your faction can be a hassle. What if you had a group of people, a couple in each faction, and were able to fight it out in a quick, deathmatch style battle? No long winded travelling, no siege weaponry; just you and your allies against the other factions.

I sat down in front of one of the Daggerfall Covenant stations (because it’s all about DC) and familiarized with the pre-made, heavy armored Sorcerer in front of me. Using a mix of the skill lines, I figured it out pretty quickly, especially since she seemed to thrive on ranged attacks. In fact, it handled a lot like my destruction staff Templar, which was nice. Obviously the skills were different, but for the most part I found it easy to get into the game.

The arena wasn’t all that big, but it was hectic. You’d see two enemies going at each other, while another group ganged up on another – chaos ensued. I was actually surprised at how well I did. I could count about seven kills before the whole of the Aldmeri Dominion squad took me down, which made me have a personal vendetta against each of them.

One by one I used my teammates as pawns to get their attention and then swoop in to get the kill. Eventually Aldmeri and Ebonheart soldiers were ignoring each other to join forces against the Daggerfall group. Eventually they overpowered me and I was brought down, this time for good. I needed to head to the other side of the convention hall for a pre-scheduled appointment with another developer.

Bethesda will be bringing this build on tour, so if you find yourself able to attend GamesCom,  PAX Prime or the Gamestop Expo, you might see them there with the arena. Let them know what you think! If you want to see it added to the game, voice your opinion. The developers at Zenimax have been receptive to player feedback since day one, we’ve no reason to think otherwise now.

I’ll be checking it back out tomorrow, and hopefully talk to the developers there some more about the build. Let us know in the comments if you want to see this in the game, and what you think about the idea overall!



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