ESO Alliance 4

The Alliance assembles once again, along with Lady Nerevar from The Imperial Library! For the first time, The Alliance is able to talk about Elder Scrolls Online without that pesky NDA getting in our way! We discuss our opinions on the lifting of the NDA and if we believe if was done too soon or too late and what the overall outcome, positive or negative, has been. Also, some of the information coming off of the patch notes from the highly secretive Public Test Server is discussed as well, and you’ve got to hear about some of these exciting changes coming to ESO. We also debunk misconceptions like “ESO is just a PvP Game!” and “The Imperial Edition Bonuses are Pay to Win!”. All of these topics are discsussed with the one and only Lady Nerevar, who brings the perspective of an Elder Scrolls fansite that’s been around since 1998, the era of Arena and Daggerfall. You don’t want to miss this!

ESO Alliance 4

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