Episode 99: Our Gameplay in Elder Scrolls Online

This is it: The first episode we’re actually able to give you our in game experiences in The Elder Scrolls Online, done the ESOTR way…host by host. We dive into our first 15 levels of ESO, giving you our choice of faction, race and then describe how we built our characters. Then, we tell you which skill lines we began to develop, what the benefits of each unlocked skill give and tell you how that build played. If that were not enough, we then describe some of our in game hobbies, how we liked crafting and tell you one thing we liked and disliked about ESO.
Episode 99: Our Gameplay in Elder Scrolls Onlinea>

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  • Great episode guys! It’s weird that the most important thing I got out of this show about ESO is that I need to try fishing! Here’s hoping that this episode peaks the interest of at least ONE doubtful person, & make them realize how radical this game really is!

  • i LOVE this show, seriously, awesome stuff.

  • that music. You opened with what is that? D= please let me know.

    Another awesome review as usual!

  • Evarwyn I agree I’m not a huge fan of the radial interaction menu. But I think the reason the have to do that is because unlike every other mmo you actually look around with the cursor. You can’t just click on someones name in the chat box to whisper or right click for trade inv etc. You can however do that if you go in to the other menus… Say your skill ui. The only other option I can really think of is if they put a trigger to thr chat box to where if you aim the cursor down to that corner it becomes a free cursor to click on names or whatever else like the mail icon……. Then of course you have the annoyance of have in to aim your char at the dirt just to use the chat box so idk maybe they felt stuck with a radial menu. Not to mention it transfers perfectly to the consoles so that makes that easier for them. Sorry lol thinking out loud here (well via txt lol)

    Great episode esotr crew beta was great!!! Can’t wait 48 more days

  • One more thing. Argonians are the master race >:(

  • So no more classic elder scrolls night on stitcher ?

  • Great episode guys! Just hearing about the different builds is an education in itself. I hope I can retain this info for the next beta!

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