Episode 98: …and another thing!

This week’s headlines include “New Beta Test Announced, Curse Hands out 500k Keys!”, “ESO on PS4: Game Director Matt Firor Has Your Answers”, “Video: Unboxing the Imperial Edition” and “Ask Us Anything: Variety Pack 12: Our Favorites”. Lou presents “The Nightingales Pt II” in The Elder Scroll, plus your Dev Question of the Week, This Week in Tamrielic Holidays, our Host Mod Challenge of the Week and YOUR emails!
Episode 98: …and another thing!

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  • This was a good episode. Thank you. Good points all around. Evarwyn, you’re too nice. Are you Canadian? 🙂

    I don’t want shank back.

  • I just wanted to point out in regards to your fears about the ability to craft Imperial gear giving an unfair advantage.. it is no bigger an advantage than the Bosmer being able to craft Bosmer gear without requiring the special skill, each race knows how to craft their own equipment from level 1 and can learn each one at a later point.

  • Great show as always guys!
    I just felt like adding my 0.02 to the question about other mmos which allow gear to decay etc from pvp.

    Now The Repopulation actually will have actually hardcore pvp server where everything can be looted from you if you get killed.

    If you are into SWG etc, check it out.

  • Funny how people are still arguing about the few extra goodies for the imperial edition. I finally have to ignore those people that say it’s a pay gate……. If someone with the pay gate point of view can name one popular AAA title that had a collectors edition that didn’t give exclusive in game goodies especially an mmo I will gladly hear your opinion out one title that’s all I am asking for…. That’s thr point of a collector’s edition is to give the really big fans extra and often cosmetic goodies for getting the collectors edition. I think this is one of the best collectors editions of any game I’ve bought very excited for this

  • Also on the cash shop issue I’m sure with a sub based model it will be something very much like wow where you can buy cosmetic things mounts pets cosmetic only gear etc. Completely optional with cool goods for those who have the extra money

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