Episode 115: Nightblades Need A Hand

The gang’s all here! Nightblades could use a hand in ESO and Evarwyn, Dave, Lou and Shank discuss what feels wrong and where they’d like to see the class go. This episode brings In-Game discussion and Elder Scrolls Community highlights back to the forefront of the show, where the crew weigh in on what they’ve been doing in Elder Scrolls Online and Skyrim. They also discuss what they’ve learned from the “Ask Us Anything: Variety Pack 15”. Trust on this one, there are some VERY exciting features that are coming to the game and you do NOT want to miss it. Later on, Lou presents “The Dawn Era” in “The Elder Scroll”, plus your emails answered.
Episode 115: Nightblades Need A Hand

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  • The VR in other faction discussion had me screaming a bit. 🙂

    While yes, you are viewed as “friendly” to the other faction, you are NOT viewed as another race or anybody fundamentally other than you. The method that allows you to experience the other factions only “hides” your former affiliations.

    Keep in mind the preorder bonus allows you to play as any race in any faction. Regardless of whatever faction you play, you show up from Coldharbour BY FALLING FROM THE SKY. It doesn’t matter what race you are or where you fall. Your breton can fall and help Queen Ayrenn; your altmer could very well have fallen into Bleakrock and ended up a hero of the Pact.

    You ARE viewed as you, just as a version of you that hasn’t done what you’ve done…

    • @shootyoureyeout

      While nothing they said about VR content was WRONG persey, the explanation was a bit convoluted, with no fault to any of the hosts. however I am on the side of ‘It just feels wrong’ when I got to VR1. It was very jarring to just get finished playing 100+ hours commuting your life to AD running around in-game (and admittedly IRL!) yelling “for the queen!!!!!!’ , then get some VERY shoddy reason as to why you have to play in someone else’s shoes (so to speak). It was VERY immersion a breaking and I became very unmotivated to continue with that character. So, like Lou, I parked her like a month ago & made alts in the other two factions to play through FIRST. I am not trying to be all complain-y (I can’t stand people like that), I just wanted to share my experience & opinion. I think maybe if they just came up with a better reason in-game (for ex. stay loyal to your faction, but make it an elaborate spy mission of sorts). Thats kind of how I plan to RP it when I go back to that character. Keep up the good work guys!

  • Absolutely love Elder Scrolls off the Record and Classic Elder Scrolls Night. Great news, great hosts, great discussion.

    But as Dana said, the VR discussion had some issues. I have a V12 sword and shield templar (leveled through questing and not grinding). What wasn’t mentioned in the discussion, and I don’t know why that is, is the in-game reason that you are sent where you are.

    Without giving away the plot beyond the obvious, after the Big Bad has been defeated there are warnings of something bigger coming. Your character is sent back “To see your enemies through their eyes”. You aren’t a spy or anything because you’ve just been through an event that shows the need for the mortal races to stand together. The Alliance War is sort of petty after that.

    This getting missed seems to be part of a tendancey for some cast members to get worked up about things and over simplify, assume the worst, and forecast doom and gloom. Like when it was assumed that spellcrafting would let someone sit and grind at low levels to create and use higher level spells and overpower everything, despite everything in the game being level dependent.

    Only one other thing rubbed me the wrong way about this show.

    I completely agree with Evarwyn’s comments about people getting on Shank and saying he shouldn’t be there because of the game. This is my first MMO after YEARS of playing the single player TES games and I appreciate hearing his view on things. I also find he has a unique view of the series which adds a lot to the discussions.

    That said,,,

    My concern isn’t that Shank is on a show that is currently focused on a game he doesn’t player. My concern is that Shank is WRITING the show for a game he doesn’t play. I understand why Evarwyn delegated the writing to Shank and fully support that decision, but I would have thought that, since he clearly has a computer that could handle it, Shank would have come half way and started to play it on the PC/MAC so he would have a better idea of what was going on.

    It isn’t that I’m worried about the show going onto other Elder Scrolls games, since the purpose of the show is to focus on the most current game. The problem I see is that things like the Skyrim mod, which is clearly something Shank was passionate about, would have been better fit with a different show. Maybe the podcast that is dedicated to Classic Elder Scrolls games that he also appears on?

    I don’t mind classic TES games like Skyrim getting mentioned on ESOTR if it comes up in discussion, but why bother with Classic Elder Scrolls Night if you’re going to schedule segments of Off The Record to be filled with material from classic games. Why have two podcasts where you do material

    Let me clarify something. I’m not saying that Shank should stop writing ESOTR. Not at all. But he accepted the responsibility of writing for a show that is meant to focus on the most recent Elder Scrolls game, which is ESO. That means stepping up to the plate and playing the game so that he is able to write the show to the best of his ability.

    I also think that videos and mod discussions for TES games other than ESO should be kept on the podcast that is dedicated to the classic games. That or cancel Classic Elder Scrolls Night and just have Off the Record be a discussion of all Elder Scrolls game equally.

    That rant out of the way, I am looking forward to the next ESOTR and Classic Elder Scrolls Night. Especially the Classic Elder Scrolls Night, since that’s my favorite of the two. Keep up the good work.

  • The VR/quest conversation slightly baffled me.

    How can you claim to follow the game but not know that when you hit VR1 you basically run the other faction stories. It was stated before the game came out.

    I do agree though they should have done something to differentiate you in some way, even if the basic quests are the same (tripling unique content is clearly unfeasible).

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