Episode 114: Elder Scrolls Online Arena PvP

This week Evarwyn, Lou and Mori jump into Elder Scrolls Online’s PTS server and discuss some of the new features coming up in an update toward the end of June, including FoV slider and more! They begin by showing last week’s “Crypt of Hearts Update” video developer diary, displaying veteran rank Crypt of Hearts. Later on, QGN Director of News, Joseph Bradford, joins the call with his gameplay of the highly controversial Arena style PvP, while he was E3: 2014!
Episode 114: Elder Scrolls Online Arena PvP

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  • Wow Im surprised you guys are still doing this. Most of the casters for this game have moved on after the poor showing. Guess only the hardcore remain.

  • ragnarlothbrook

    you guys know that swtor was unnable to renew its licence since disney bought the IP so now the game may be cancled within several months. that will mark the 2nd star wars mmo to be cancled due to licencing issues.

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