Episode 113: The Road Ahead: June 4th

Evarwyn, Lou and Shank discuss “The Road Ahead: Dev Blog Post” as well as forum topic: “Dear ZOS- veteran levels are killing ESO. Please wake up to this” and speculate on what, the highly anticipated Thieves Guild Patch, may include. Lou presents: “Nerevar at Red Mountain” in “The Elder Scroll” this week and our week in game includes Elder Scrolls Online and a little Skyrim too!
Elder Scrolls Off the Record: The Road Ahead: June 4th

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  • I did not enjoy the section were you took the forum post on vet levels and read it. The ESO forums are so negative moving their content to the show will lower the quality of this show. Also, shank doesn’t play ESO so when he gives his opinion on vet levels it comes across as disingenuine to me.

    I just realized that he is the writer. Is that the line you would use to sell your show, written by people who don’t even play? Wow this is kinda mind blowing.

  • I agree with the forum topics honestly the vet rank system killed it for me which was so hard because I actually love the game but I hit vet rank one and a half and I got Soooo Burt out by that if they had a standard content tier systemit would be infinitely better than the vet rank system

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