Episode 108: Craglorn Galore!

Liz joins us this episode and brings along some more musical treats for us! Afterward, we discuss all of the new information released this week on Craglorn and its trials, plus we have an update on that annoying inventory space bug. Lou presents an excerpt from The Hero’s Guide to Tamriel and all our gameplay from Elder scrolls Online!
Episode 108: Craglorn Galore!

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  • Kanati Siquayetsga

    There are several things in episode with which I take issue.

    It’s not the bug, it’s how you handle bugs that matters. As long as they’re being addressed by regular patches, I don’t have much of a problem with bugs in a new game. What I do have a problem with is poor customer service. I immediately filed bugs both times my bank was reset and 4 weeks later ZOS has done NOTHING to either restore my lost bank capacity or to reimburse me for the in-game gold I spent on those upgrades. I followed the, often contradictory, instructions from ZOS personnel to repost my bug-report numbers in multiple threads on the official forums. Nothing. I have every right to be dissatisfied with such shoddy customer service.

    A bug report should only have to be filed once and should not have to be reposted to multiple “official” locations in order to get noticed. RP (canned responses about mud crabs and agents of Molag Bal) while fine for promotional emailings, have no place in any customer service interaction. Requesting that the customer provide credit card numbers and their “secret” answers via email in order to have their losses addressed is appallingly bad security.

    I am much more aggravated by the way ZOS handled, or rather didn’t handle, the entire situation than the fact that my main character lost 10k gold and a couple stacks of hard to get crafting materials. Most of what I lost could be reprocured easy enough, a stack of Dwarven Oil is hard or very expensive to replace. In any case, I’m far from happy about having to spend several days regathering the relatively easy to obtain materials _that should have been secure in my bank_.

    I resent your implication that customers like me are dissatisfied with ZOS _customer service_ are somehow immature and impatient whiners. If the Customer Service Manager that works for my company treated my customers this way, I would fire him on the spot. This is just bad CRM, it’s bad business, in the long-run it’s bad for ZOS and ESO.

    The (much maligned) HeroEngine:
    ZOS used the HeroEngine precisely in the way it was designed to be used: As an engine for prototyping art assets. It is not the engine upon which ESO runs. Please read (www.bethblog.com/2012/05/26/matt-firor-discusses-teso-game-engine/) and (www.gameinformer.com/b/features/archive/2012/05/25/why-the-elder-scrolls-online-isn-39-t-using-heroengine.aspx) before commenting on the HeroEngine in ESO again.

  • Hello guys and gal, ltlftr(Long time listener first time reply), to answer Liz’s inquiry about ruin stones to craft glyphies. You can find some of the gems and ruin stones in the heavy bags, the bags that are label heavy bags.

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