Episode 103: ESO Launches “SoOoOoOoooN”!

This week’s show was great, desu. With the final beta coming this weekend, we discuss that, plus new features you can expect when you patch your beta client this weekend, desu. Also, some new interviews from Paul Sage and Matt Firor reveal a few tidbits about that game, we think you should be aware of, desu. Lou presents the conclusion to his four part lore topic “Mythical Weapons of Tamriel” in The Elder Scroll, desu. Finally, YOUR Dev Question of the Week, This Week in Tamrielic Holidays, our brand new Guild Update section and your emails, desu! Its a great show and we apologize for Po-ke-sanity! ….desu.

Episode 103: ESO Launches “SoOoOoOoooN”!

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  • First off great work and always a pleasure to listen in . For some reason I am not able to listen to this one. Hopefully it’s just temporary. Will see if i can get it from work 🙂

  • What’s the title of the pokemon song??
    it rocks so hard

  • What’s the big deal about them having a cash ship for vanity items???? Wow does it with mounts and I’ve bought literally all of them yep all 25 bucks each….. RIFT did it and yes bride it went free to play I upgraded my Rift to get that white Tiger mount…. As long as they don’t put line better gear in there and the items remain “vanity” then who cares name an mma that doesn’t do it???? I look forward for more mounts hopefully more than horses I would buy the hell out of them. Yes I want the kahjit cat mounts LOL and Shank no you will not be able to get that stuff in game I mean welcome to the world of mmos and collectors edition exclusives Wow sells mounts and it’s a sub model its the nature of the beast man sorry


  • OMG. If it wasn’t worth buying before, it is now? Just because of the change to the starting location. You guys need to back up and get some focus.

  • Gotta say, mostly agree with Zach D.
    This is how the market is going, and it is happening because consumers want it (we have shown they want it this way millions upon millions of times….with each dollar spent in an in-game cash shop we prove in-game cash shops are not only valid business ideas, but we show that games without them make less money…no sane developer would ignore the market analyses)
    As long as the cash shop items do not allow someone to “buy power” and remain in the realm of time savers and cosmetics and collectibles, then I wholeheartedly welcome them. Not only does a cash shop such as this allow players more COMPLETELY OPTIONAL content, but it also allows developers to pull in a bit more money in order to increase (or maintain) their budget, meaning more content and more effort able to be put into keeping such a complicated system of computer code in a working format (including, but obviously not limited to bug fixing and PvP balance, which are both ongoing issues for which the work is NEVER finished)

    In short, ESO is the first MMO I have seen in recent years with a PvP zone exactly like I’ve been looking forwars to for years! As long as they keep closely monitoring balance issues, I will remain in Cyrodiil for a LONG time (I will have AT LEAST one character which never leaves Cyrodiil once he enters) And if it takes more than JUST subscription fees in order for them to keep a full enough staff to stay on top of the HUGE list of things which must CONSTANTLY be maintained, monitored, and tweaked then I am PERFECTLY okay with a non-power buy cash shop. I probably will not be able to buy anything with real world cash, unless I get lucky and have a check with about 4 sales on it (I make commission) but I am happy for those who can afford to spend money in the in-game cash shop and, as long as no one can buy an in-game advantage in a player versus player combat situation, then it would be simply rude of me to try and deny them the option to spend their money to add things to their experience of the game which would not be there otherwise (that’s on thing people need to realize…I’ve heard a lot of “we’re already paying a sub fee, why can’t they just give us all these extras???” The answer to that is: “If those things were not going to be sold in a cash shop, they would not be in the game at all. If they are worth the cash TO YOU, buy them.. If they seem too expensive TO YOU, don’t buy them.” It’s simple, really. Bob changing his game experience with cash in no way affects Joe changing his game experience, so why should either one care what the other does??? (this is obviously going under the assumption that the cash shop will not allow for “power buys” as the devs have said will be the case)
    ALSO, REMEMBER – The NDA is ONLY dropped for the Weekend Beta, NOT the PTS (meaning, since the weekend betas are now over, NO STREAMING is allowed without written permission from Zeni)

  • Important note to people such as myself who are members of extremely large guilds… Since we are allowed to be in FIVE guilds at a time, large guilds will simply make sub-chapters so the TRUE max limit of a social grouping of players is more like 2500 (500 members per guild or guild chapter and 5 guilds or guild chapters)
    This system is great and will allow us to form specific guild chapters for specific purposes (if you only need 3 of the 5 guild slots for you “main” guild houses, you still have 1 left for your crafting specialists and the main market hub of the guild and one left over for whatever else you can think of)

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