Episode 101: MEGA Beta Weekend Event!

Big news this week as ZOS announces the lifting of the NDA for Elder Scrolls Online, and that fans may post videos/screen shots and stream! With that, we announce our weekend long, 60 hour stream event! Also, we cover this week’s news, including a game changing patch to ESO that removes the ‘starter island’ experience and adds player collision detection with enemies in PvE, plus “The Music of ESO: Jeremy Soule, Malukah…and iTunes!” by Brian Armstrong. We also have your Dev question of the week, This week in Tamrielic Holidays, and Lou presents “More Mythical Weapons of Tamriel, Part II” in The Elder Scroll.
Episode 101: MEGA Beta Weekend Event!

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  • I will be a new player this weekend; where do I go to find the starter island?

  • orc island chain quests are bugged. can’t get off the island and go onto daggerfall. pretty sad really.

  • You might want to recheck the iTunes upload, though titled as episode 101 it’s actually a copy of episode 100.

  • Gerlontwofinger

    can some people play elder scrolls online for extended time not just the beta weekend my friend says some people have full access codes which gives certain people access to the beta outside of the weekend time please reply, and is there small periods outside the weekends that you can use your launcher to play

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