ESOTR Micro Blog: The Case for Summerset Isles

Evarwyn sits down with two dataminers from UESP, TJ and Krihavok. They lay out the case as to why they believe the next Chapter in ESO will be based in Summerset Isles, and how it could mean we’ll be getting Spell Crafting, Jewelry Crafting, and even a Psijic Order skill line!
ESOTR Micro Blog: The Case for Summerset Isles
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  • Great microblog lots of cool speculative info :). Thank you to UESP, TJ and Krihavock for all the hard work and great interview.

  • If they are making a new class i really wish that you could earn champion points while leveling an alt, cause its hard for me to decide whether to work on maxing champ points or playing the new class …

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