Episode 106: Elder Scrolls Online: Our First Week!

This week we get together to talk about their first week in-game, after the official launch of Elder Scrolls Online! We discuss what we love about the game and what we think ZOS needs to make a priority. We will also be discussing the latest in the Elder Scrolls news, including: “Introducing Craglorn” a video that showcases the Adventure Zone: Craglorn w/ Paul Sage, “The Elder Scrolls Online Launch Cinematic”, which we’ll play for you and give your our opinions over and “ESO By the Numbers”, a fun info-graphic that ZOS released last week detailing some interesting facts about the development of the game. Later on, Dave has some updates for our guild members, Lou presents “Lycanthropy” in The Elder Scroll and we read out your emails!

Episode 106: Elder Scrolls Online: Our First Week!

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  • Haha @ “Today is turd-as”.
    Never gets old.

  • Great show guys! Craglorn looks incredibly amazing! On the complaints…. I’m with Dave EVERYTHING is so expensive you can’t keep up. My biggest issue is the respec cost I’m lvl 35 and it’s almost 8000 gold to redo my skill points….. That’s outrageous especially for a new game and I want to explore every skill option with my main character but there is no way I can because repecing is Soooo expensive 100g per skill point is nuts. Needs to be lowered for sure

  • I disagree about the cinematic though! From the beginning the cinematics main story was each faction invading cyrodiil. You said you thought that the ep guy was saving the ad chick….. That’s not true she’s a powerful mage and he took her to use her to breach the walls of cyrodiil you can see she’s chained up and people are chanting to unleash her power he never wanted to save her…… Now the story progressed because in the first one they are on the outskirts of cyrodiil and this one they actually breached the wall and entered the city! I feel it progressed fine!

  • And also they don’t want to kill off thr charactets yet there was the point when lighting goes crazy and the nord looks back knowing the high elf is back up she isn’t done yet she’ll be up there in that showdown

  • @shootyoureyeout

    What a great episode. And I really loved the discussion on bullying and the stigma behind gamers. I ask, how much practice, dedication, skill, intelligence, focus, or hand-eye coordination does it take to watch a movie or TV show? Absolutely none. I find it funny that something that takes all of these things above (and then some) is ridiculed, but there is a huge “every episode of a TV show marathon” thing sweeping the nation. So it’s completely okay to sit on the couch and watch all 2934873248 hours of Roseanne (yeah, I’ve totally done that!) in one sitting, but it’s not okay to immerse myself in an intricate story all while interacting with my friends? That makes TONS of sense. I am more social with my friends and meet more new people while playing ESO than I ever did drunkenly socializing in a bar (when I used to drink), or while marathoning a TV show. What a terrible, closed-minded way to think.

    • So true! I spent my college years and the rest of my twenties drinking and giving up my love of PC games because it “wasn’t cool.” Wish I could have those years back. At least now that I am in my thirties and have a family I can care less what people think and play ESO instead of wasting away in a bar.

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