Elder Scrolls Online Marathon Program Guide

Welcome, everyone, to launch day! This is truly an exciting time for Elder Scrolls fans! For the first time, in Tamriel, we will be able to gather, fight, explore and experience the epic adventure that we’ve longed to share since our first TES game. The Elder Scrolls Online will do just that and TODAY is the official day it launches!

To celebrate, we will be holding a 48+ hour marathon livestream, where QGN personalities will be playing Elder Scrolls Online, and also give away 5 copies of the Digital Imperial Edition of Elder Scrolls Online and one digital copy of Skyrim: Legendary Edition to our followers on our Twitch Channel !

But, we’re not going to just endlessly and mindlessly stream the game! Well…we’re going to do that too, yes…but we have some real quality programming that you’re going to want to check out, especially if you want to win one of our prizes! Here are the details:


  • 6:59PM EST: Countdown to The Elder Scrolls Online Official Launch
  • 7:00PM EST: Episode 105 of The Elder Scrolls Off The Record (Giveaways: Skryim: Legendary Ed., 1 Digital Imperial Ed. Elder Scrolls Online)


  • 2:00PM EST: Crazy Argonian Run w/ Dave and Evarwyn (Giveaways: 1 Digital Imperial Ed. Elder Scrolls Online)
  • 9:00PM EST: Classic Elder Scrolls Night: Comparing Skyrim (In ESO) to Skyrim (TES:V) : (Giveaways: 1 Digital Imperial Ed. Elder Scrolls Online)


  • 1:00PM EST: Shank’s Saturday w/ Evarwyn: (Giveaways: 1 Digital Imperial Ed. Elder Scrolls Online)
  • 5:00PM EST: Role Playing Your Character in Elder Scrolls Online
  • 8:00PM EST: Community Game Night: FOR THE QUEEN! (The QGN Community Battles in Cyrodiil): (Giveaways: 1 Digital Imperial Ed. Elder Scrolls Online)

All of these event will be held on our Twitch Channel and the marathon will extend from 6:59PM EST Thursday April 3rd to 11PM EST Saturday April 5th. Be sure to follow our Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus for regular announcements and updates during the event

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