Elder Scrolls Online, First Impressions: LIVE!

Here it is guys, OUR first impressions of The Elder Scrolls Online, as recorded in our live event on Friday February 7th, 2014.

Elder Scrolls Online, First Impressions: LIVE!

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  • How i make to download the podcast?

    I don’t realy have time to listen while i’m on pc.

    PS: Sorry, my bad english.

  • Sorry, i’ve preordered mine, and was seeking out podcasts to enjoy the game with, but you guys are a little pathetic.

    The amount of false justifcation and asserting partial truths to suck to the game was too much to bear. Good luck with your next project.

  • I agree with your opinions about how ‘certain’ ppl received the game. Having also been in Beta since last year it was blatantly obvious they didn’t put in the same amount of time in game that I did. Oh well… that’s why I listen to you guys 😛 😀

  • That bit about the music bringing you to tamriel. I feel you, thats when I was sold. I even got a tear to my eye, sounds silly but ES has been a HUGE part of my life.

    That’s EXACTLY how I feel about it.

  • exactly the review I was looking for

  • My god thank you. Your first sentence was addressing the absolutely terrible release of official press reviews. This is the first thing I’ve found not completely incorrect and cannot wait until the NDA is lifted enough so people who know can talk about it.

  • I usualy don’t agree with Shank, but this episode I did. Starting island sucks and it is useless, outdated, and restrictive. There are other better ways to have a starting zone better fitted for Elder Scrolls.

    You missed a important topic about graphics: First person view

    Did you have any more information about when NDA will end?

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