Elder Scrolls Off the Record: Episode 115: Nightblades Need A Hand

The gang’s all here! Nightblades could use a hand in ESO and Evarwyn, Dave, Lou and Shank discuss what feels wrong and where they’d like to see the class go. This episode brings In-Game discussion and Elder Scrolls Community highlights back to the forefront of the show, where the crew weigh in on what they’ve been doing in Elder Scrolls Online and Skyrim. They also discuss what they’ve learned from the “Ask Us Anything: Variety Pack 15”. Trust on this one, there are some VERY exciting features that are coming to the game and you do NOT want to miss it. Later on, Lou presents “The Dawn Era” in “The Elder Scroll”, plus your emails answered.
Episode 115: Nightblades Need A Hand

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One comment

  • I don’t understand why you guys were so stunned with the vet. Ranked content. It is 100% what I expected from listening to this show and ZOS interviews before the launch of the game.

    The amount of content in the form of quests, just for 1 of the alliances, is amazing. The amount of time it would take to make new content for the 50+ zones would be staggering.

    Its not just 2 more zones. Its 2 zones, for each alliance if you wanted unique content for each faction. So six different 5 landmass zones. It sounds confusing, but essentially, you are asking for 6x the content which is absurd considering how much more content this game has already over its competitors.

    Also, how is the immersion any different if you pre-ordered and played races in alliances they don’t belong in? I feel they do a good job at explaining why you are in the other zones, and it’s great because it lets you experience the other zones without having to make new characters (not everyone enjoys this as much as Lou 🙂 ). I enjoy doing everything all on one character, as I did in Skyrim, although I know some don’t.

    Sorry for the long post! Keep up the good work, love the show. You guys are great and entertain us every time you get behind a mic. I always have the NEED for new OTR podcasts!

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