Elder Scrolls Off the Record: Episode 101: MEGA Beta Weekend Event

Big news this week as ZOS announces the lifting of the NDA for Elder Scrolls Online, and that fans may post videos/screen shots and stream! With that, we announce our weekend long, 60 hour stream event! Also, we cover this week’s news, including a game changing patch to ESO that removes the ‘starter island’ experience and adds player collision detection with enemies in PvE, plus “The Music of ESO: Jeremy Soule, Malukah…and iTunes!” by Brian Armstrong. We also have your Dev question of the week, This week in Tamrielic Holidays, and Lou presents “More Mythical Weapons of Tamriel, Part II” in The Elder Scroll.
Elder Scrolls Off the Record: Episode 101: MEGA Beta Weekend Event!

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One comment

  • Ok I am watching the twitch stream later, and I just have to address the whole starter island thing.

    first off, the idea of expanding cold harbor would be the best solution.

    but what I want to bring up is when people say that being dropped off in the main city, you CANNOT go where you want. sure you can sort of stealth into maybe lvl 10-15 content as a lvl 5 but you aren’t fighting anything, and when you hit lvl 17/18 stuff or higher, they can see through your unskilled stealth easier and you would just die. so in reality, every zone you are in equivalent to your level is your “starter zone”. there’s never a time you can just explore freely because higher level zones would be to deadly, unless stealth VS NPC’s is overpowered where you can just stealth through everything.

    so it’s a nice sentiment that you want to have the “feeling” of being able to go anywhere like in morrowind/oblivion/skyrim, but the reason you could do that in those games is because the enemies lvl’d with you (with some exceptions) so at lvl 3 you fought mostly lvl 3 comparable things in the single player games, where in an MMO this just isn’t how they are built unless they instanced your whole game and you could never group with anyone at different levels.

    I think it’s a little stubborn to not at least entertain the idea of why they have starter islands, and a little selfish, but I also don’t think that’s exactly wrong either. we will be paying good money for this game and we each want it to be how we picture it could be.

    thanks for the wonderful show and the thought provoking discussions, I cannot wait to maybe play with or against some of you on the PS4, and maybe perhaps the PC since I am arguing with myself about whether to buy it and just play for those couple of months until the console version is out.


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