Elder Scrolls Off the Record Episode 106: Elder Scrolls Online: Our First Week!

This week we get together to talk about their first week in-game, after the official launch of Elder Scrolls Online! We discuss what we love about the game and what we think ZOS needs to make a priority. We will also be discussing the latest in the Elder Scrolls news, including: “Introducing Craglorn” a video that showcases the Adventure Zone: Craglorn w/ Paul Sage, “The Elder Scrolls Online Launch Cinematic”, which we’ll play for you and give your our opinions over and “ESO By the Numbers”, a fun info-graphic that ZOS released last week detailing some interesting facts about the development of the game. Later on, Dave has some updates for our guild members, Lou presents “Lycanthropy” in The Elder Scroll and we read out your emails!
Elder Scrolls Online Episode 106: Our First Week!

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  • I tip my hat to you bud, I really appreciate the effort you & the ESOTR team put into bringing us news, information & just about anything related to ESO for the week. A informative show that has me smiling moment after moment. Thanks for the brillant show Evaewyn…

  • Aww nooo, a gramatical error… *Evarwym

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