Elder Scrolls Off the Record 174: Wack a Troll

It’s been a slow news week. We begin by confronting an abusive troll, and taking a stand against bullying in the ESO community, and lending our support to our beloved Liz. We have some updates on ESO hitting PS4/Xbox One, plus Oblivion hits 10yrs and ESO hits 2yrs. Gamepaly, lore and so much more.
Elder Scrolls Off the Record 174: Wack a Troll
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One comment

  • I literally had to MAKE AN ACCOUNT so I could leave a comment. Normally I just stop in and listen anonymously, like some creep ass, but this episode pushed me BEYOND my rage capacity. LIZ IS GOD-DAMN AMAZING. All of you are, but to hear people have put down Liz utterly INFURIATES ME. Liz, you’re hysterical, you seem like a real “ride or die” type, and what’s most amazing is that you don’t hide your personality. Your brass, abrasive, and unapologetic, as you should be. As they say in the show, and I agree, you are an upstanding role model for girls who play video games everywhere. Keep being yourself, keep being unapologetic, keep being the wonderfully beautiful human being you are, and you’ll always have a fan in me. ANYWAY – the rest of you are pretty great too, I enjoy listening to the show every week, and I’m sorry I felt the need to write a trilogy of a comment here. 🙂

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