• I seriously just started listening to this podcast this week, going back through the last few episodes, and I’ve been waiting for a new one to pop up so I can join in on the next challenge and you guys are already talking about ditching it? I will leave feedback if that’s what it takes to keep them around.

  • Contact page thinks I’m sending spam so I’ll just post my report here.

    I must say I had a lot of fun trying this challenge and I hope you continue doing them in future podcasts.

    I started a new character, a female Nord named Siegfres. Her name was inspired by Siegfred from Final Fantasy 6. He seemed like the kind of guy who would travel the world looking for exotic weapons and armor to load himself down with so I thought it was fitting.

    I waited until I was above level 10 before I went after my first artifact. During that time I decided I would focus on heavy armor, one handed weapons, destruction and conjuration so she pretty much turned into a warrior mage. That wasn’t initially my intention, it just sort of worked out that way. Somehow I actually managed to make use of all of those skills keeping them at roughly the same level throughout her artifact hunting career.

    Morally she wasn’t really good or evil, at least not at first. In my mind she had a warrior’s spirit and that reflected in her actions. She was purely motivated by the power the daedric artifacts promised and had no inkling what she would have to go through to acquire them.

    It started off innocent enough. She heard a rumor of a shrine of Azura located near Winterhold so she went to check it out and with just a bit of time and effort managed to acquire Azura’s Star. From there she traveled south and happened upon an orc stronghold that needed help lifting a curse. She reveled in the battles that were involved with that quest and was honored to accept Volendrung into her arsenal.

    Shortly after she happened upon Meridia’s Beacon which led her into Meridia’s service involving cleansing her temple of some undead, awarding her Dawn Breaker. Killing an evil wizard and refusing to kill a dog also netted her The Mask of Clavicus Vile.

    It pretty much went downhill from there. Almost every artifact she found afterward drove her to commit some horrible act to acquire it. It started with killing a werewolf that really just wanted to be left alone and ended with sacrificing a priest on an evil altar and devouring his flesh. In the end the fabled artifacts had twisted her into a torturing, murderous, flesh eating monster with an insatiable hunger for power. She had found and obtained over two thirds of the daedric artifacts but somewhere along the way she had lost her soul.

    Like I said, a very fun challenge and I plan on continuing this character until I find them all. I didn’t use fast travel which probably increased the challenge a little bit but I did have a mod that adds wagons and boats to the smaller holds and settlements so it probably evened out somewhat. If you need any ideas for a new challenge, how about making Arvel the Swift a permanent undead minion? You might have to think about that one for a bit but it’s a lot harder than it sounds.

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