Elder Scrolls Off the Record 148: The Mod Debacle

Probably one of the most important discussions the Elder Scrolls community has had with itself in years, “Paying for Mods on Steam”. Over the weekend, Valve and Bethesda implemented and then quickly dumped the idea of paying for mods on the Steam Workshop. In our second hour, we chronicle the events that carried this story to its bitter end and how the community worked together to tell Bethesda and Valve that this is something we feel strongly about. Our first hour is spent in gameplay, as we discuss what we did this week in Skyrim, Elder Scrolls Online, Oblivion and event Daggerfall! We recommend two mods in our Crafting Table and read your emails and comments later on toward the end of the show. There’s so much more for you, do enjoy!
Elder Scrolls Off the Record 148: The Mod Debacle
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One comment

  • Loved the show! As always 😉

    I typically listen to the podcast after downloading to my LG G3 phone (which is android based) so no iTunes to give you a rating sadly, but you guys will always be a 5 Star rating in my book any day and any podcast show. Been listening for the last 2 yrs or so and enjoyed every minute…even the old original shows 😉

    Though I do like the new format a bit better and appreciate all the upgrades like new microphones and such. The show has a more polished and professional feel, while still able to retain it’s humor and heart, all while presenting interesting info and content. Love the Crafting Table and the suggested mods, enjoy hearing what you guys are using/running and have been able to pick up several that I’d never would have heard about!

    Enjoy all the other segments as well.

    So thank you muchly!

    You guys Rock m/

    Roland 🙂

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