Elder Scrolls Off the Record 146: Into the Fray!

We’ve got a big episode for you this week, filled with gameplay from Skyrim, some Morrowind and ESO. After our first hour, we discuss: “ESO Live: New Features Coming”, “Bethesda Fetures YouTuber ‘Morrowind Modding Showcases'”, “ZOS Announced Limited Time Mount and New Crown Store Items” and “Elder Scrolls Soundtrack Hits Top 300 of FM Hall of Fame”. We present “Volundr” by Karrok and “Follwing Mercer:A Thieve’s Guild Quest” by Marypele’s Workshop in “The Crafting Table”. Plus, your emails, YouTube Comments, a hefty ‘Rage of the Week’, and this week’s in-game activities: Spend 45mins to an hour being unproductive in any TES game, Become a Werewolf in Skyrim, Join a great house in Morrowind, OR kill a ton of mudcrabs and email us with your highest number!
Elder Scrolls Off the Record 146: Into the Fray!
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