E3 Day One Primer – Xbox, PS4 and Shadow of Mordor


Utúlie’n aurë!

This is a phrase you hear me use many times. The phrase comes from The Silmarillion during the Nirnaeth Arnoediad. Utúlie’n aurë! The Day has come!

The day has come indeed.

E3 is finally upon us, with the show floor opening in a mere couple of hours. I wanted to give you all an idea of what you will expect to see from me during each day. Remember, there is only one of me here, and I cannot possibly cover everything. There may even be announcements made that I will not hear of since I’m on the show floor, so I will touch on those with a nightly recap post.

Also, I have some interviews lined up with some developers (one of the [email protected] game creators and the guys at IndieCade for starters), so expect to see some individual write ups on those.

Here is my schedule, as tweeted out last night, with one change:

12:00 – Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo

3:30 – Deep Silver (Homefront and Dead Island 2)

4:30 – EA/Bethesda (time permitting)

As everyone knows, I have been critical of Monolith’s open world game set in Middle-earth. The backstory, as well as the “wraith-abilities” cause my Tolkien-purism senses to go bonkers. But, if you’ve also noticed, I’ve withheld from saying that the game itself won’t be great, as the ideas behind the Nemesis system are certainly awesome. I will have a full write-up on the game, as well as my thoughts on how the idea behind the game fit into the canon of Middle-earth later on this week.

Also planning on getting hands-on time with the offerings at Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo, though I’m not too sure which games they will have playable demos. I’m also going to get my hands on Aztez and see how the game has been coming along since I wrote about it in February. If it’s anything like last year, all of the main games that Sony showcased will be theater presentations, Microsoft will have Sunset Overdrive and Fable Legends as playable, and Nintendo will have…well maybe Mario Kart 8?

Stay tuned, and make sure you are following the Quest Gaming Network and myself on Twitter for all the updates during the day!

So, remember…

Utúlie’n aurë!


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