Dragon Age OTR 9: “By the Maker!” (Interview with David Gaider)

We like to put on a show & boy, do we have a doozy. For our first episode since the release of Dragon Age Inquisition, we were lucky enough to talk to the Dragon Age Lead Writer, David Gaider!

We (and by “we”, I mean “Liz”) put together a eensy-weensy musical tribute to Mr. Gaider and his stories and smacked it right up front. Can’t miss it.

Our fearless hosts can barely contain themselves as we discuss DAI for the first time. Characters, lore, voice actors, Alistair’s nipples, and blow-up dolls are just a few of the topics on the table. Road and Liz also attempt to have their previous heated “discussions” settled (to no avail).

We had a blast & hope you do as well!


Episode 9: “By the Maker!” (Interview with David Gaider)

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