Dragon Age OTR 29: “Maybe if We Don’t Move…”

Solas did WHAAAAAT?!?

To help us wrap-up the Dragon Age Inquisition Trespasser DLC coverage, we welcome back Mr. BioFanOfficial. Laughs are had, feels are felt, names are dropped, Iron Bull is… well… you’ll find out. We also discuss the Epilogue and the different possible outcomes.

Who did you choose to be the Divine? Who did you romance? Do you regret any of your decisions, or did you get the warm-and-fuzzy satisfaction of a happy ending? Let us know at DragonAgeOTR@gmail.com or Tweet us @DragonAgeOTR with YOUR lists!

As an added bonus, we’ve got another “Dragon Age Casting” list for all out fellow comic nerds out there. Yup, we cast our favorite Dragon Age characters as X-Men!

You can get in touch with our guest, BioFanOfficial, on Twitter @BioFanOfficial, view his YouTube channel at “BioFan“, and visit his Tumblr.

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Episode 29: “Maybe if We Don’t Move…”

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One comment

  • Hey and thanks for the podcast! That’s the first one I’ve listened to and you guys are hilarious.
    I have to somewhat disagree on Road’s comparison of Loghain to Cyclops and Solas to Magneto. I don’t know all that much about X-men so I base my argument on the way you describe these characters, saying that Magneto has a point because he does what he does for his people while Cyclops is arrogant and is willing to sacrifice anyone to sate his own ideals. But aren’t Solas’ actions the epitome of arrogance? The way he looks down on Evanuris because they claimed to be gods, and then deciding the fate of Thedas alone based on his idea of the better way, making choices that only a god can make? And willing to sacrifice everything, even the “not real” elves that HE made, like if they were just a material for his experiment, and then claiming that he is not a monster and seeking Inquisitor’s compassion?
    While Loghain knew that Ferelden is falling apart already and if someone with an iron fist won’t fix it by leading it into a stable state, it will be ravaged by civil strife? Loghain was paranoid of Orlais, true, mainly because he was the person (honestly, nevermind Marick) who took Ferelden from it and who knew what the war was like. He was wrong and living in the past, by his mistakes weren’t caused by his arrogance, but by his constant fear for his country.
    These charachters are my favorites, so I kinda got overwhelmed because as I understood you considered one to be a three and the other two dimensional vilain, sorry for the long ost, got carried away lol

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