Dragon Age OTR 26: “The Deep Road(s)”

Dragon Age Inquisition: Descent DLC is our topic for this episode. We’ve invited BioFanOfficial back AGAIN to help us discuss its plot & the Dwarven lore behind it all.

We even find out some interesting facts like “Why Shale Hates Pigeons” and “Who Rules the Nugs?”

This Top 5 is a doozy: “What Cocktail Embodies Dragon Age Characters?”

You can get in touch with our guest, BioFanOfficial, on Twitter @BioFanOfficial, view his YouTube channel at “BioFan“, and visit his Tumblr. His new N7 Radio Mass Effect Andromeda Podcast is available on YouTube, as well! Don’t forget to watch his review of Descent!

…and just so the SEO in WordPress does not frown at me, I have to mention this: “Dragon Age Podcast”.

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Episode 26: “The Deep Road(s)”

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