Dragon Age OTR 21: “Phrasing”

The long-awaited Black Emporium DLC is finally here along with some surprise Dragon Age Multiplayer extras! We’ve invited BioFan back to discuss the new content. Which DAIMP character did you unlock: The Avvar, Isabela, or ZITHER? We dive into more listener emails & wish a Happy Mother’s Day to Flemeth, Morrigan, Fiona, & Rowan.

Oh, by the way, you can now battle dragons with your friends. BOOM!

As an added bonus, at the end of the podcast, we’ve included a little song written about the perils of Voice Over IPs in dedication to the new DAIMP DLC. (Originally written for Elder Scrolls: Off the Record’s 150th episode, the subject matter applies to ALL social gaming, so why not, eh?)

You can get in touch with our guest, BioFanOfficial, on Twitter @BioFanOfficial, view his YouTube channel at “BioFan“, and visit his Tumblr. Don’t forget to watch his Black Emporium video!!

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Episode 21: “Phrasing”

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