Dragon Age: OTR 19: “Are You There, Maker? It’s Me, Coryphifish.”

Corypheus is confusing, so we brought on Anthony (from YouTube’s “The Amazingly Average Gameplay of Anthony” channel) to clarify a few things about Dragon Age Inquisition’s Elder One. What is the Black City? What crawled up Coryphipoo’s butt and died? Hey, who turned out the lights? These questions & more make Liz’s brain explode all over the podcast.

As an added bonus, we played a little game: Form a rock band made up of Dragon Age characters. We had lots of fun with this and encourage listeners to email us at DragonAgeOTR@gmail.com or Tweet us @DragonAgeOTR with YOUR lists!

You can get in touch with our guest, Anthony, on Twitter @AnticsOfAnthony, view his YouTube channel at “Amazingly Average Gameplay of Anthony“, and visit his Twitch channel at twitch.tv/amzavegameant.

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Episode 19: “Are You There, Maker? It’s Me, Coryphifish.”

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