Dragon Age OTR 17: “Schleets”

Your friendly neighborhood Dragon Age YouTuber, BioFanOfficial, joins us on this episode as we discuss our “Personal Harem Fantasy Game”, cosplay, our favorite Dragon Age Inquisition side quests, Bro-Anders, and schleets.

As an added bonus, we answer community questions such as, “What do you think the Fear Demon in the Fade would have said to Josephine, Cullen, and Leliana if you were able to take them with you,” and, “Should the characters all be bisexual in order to satisfy everyone or should their sexuality be pre-determined to uphold their personal story?”

BioFanOfficial’s videos can be found on YouTube.com/BioFanOfficial. You can also find him on Twitter and Tumblr. His channel artist can be found on Twitter as well.

…and just so the SEO in WordPress does not frown at me, I have to mention this: “Dragon Age Podcast”.


Episode 17: “Schleets”

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