Date/Time Early Access and Launch Schedule

To help you better understand exactly when The Elder Scrolls Online will launch in YOUR territory, we have for you, our quick access chart. See you in game!

                                                   North America                                 UK/IE                                    Central Europe

5 Day Early Access    Sunday March 30th 7am EST    Sunday March 30th 12pm West    Sunday March 30th 1pm CEST

3 Day Early Access    Tuesday April 1st 7am EST       Tuesday April 1st 12pm West        Tuesday April 1st 1pm CEST

Official Launch           Thursday April 3rd 7pm EST     Thursday April 4th 12am West       Thursday April 4th 1am CEST

                                                  Sydney/Australia                             Singapore

5 Day Early Access           Sunday March 30th 10pm AEDT      Sunday March 30th 7pm SGT

3 Day Early Access           Tuesday April 1st 10pm AEDT         Tuesday April 1st 7pm SGT

Official Launch                  Thursday April 4th 10am AEDT        Thursday April 4th 7am SGT


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  • Thank you for putting this together! I’m in Germany for some cancer treatment and I was trying to figure out when I could get the early access over here.

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