Cyrodiil: Epicness Ensues

Editor’s Note: The following PVP experience was written and submitted by Mori, Community Manager for Quest Gaming Network.

The main character I have been playing in the two betas I have played is an Orc Dragonknight that I call Ug-Muz. He’s equipped in full heavy armour and wields a doubled handed sword. Because I didn’t want to ruin the story of the faction I will be playing at launch, I went with the Daggerfall Covenant.

Ug-Muz the Orc Dragonknight hit level 10, so what did he choose to do? He could carry on questing, trying to reach level 11 – or he could jump into Cyrodiil and help out the Covenant. So that’s exactly what he did. Donned in iron Orcish armour and wielding an iron claymore, off he went to adventure and become Emperor.

Upon arriving in Cyrodiil, Ug-Muz didn’t bother picking up the quests design to “teach you how to Cyrodiil”.  Indeed not – he is a badaass Orc knight. Lets go slay the dogs of war and bring ruin to the forces of the Ebonheart Pact and Aldmeri Dominion. The next thing he did next was to bring up his map. He was met with an area that was free to roam and explore with all the holds/keeps and travel routes he could access .

Ug set off towards the closest sign of battle, which is marked on your map by crossed swords in the colours of the battling factions. It took some time to get there. On the way, he passed farms, mines, caves and dungeons all full of things to do, find, and explore – none of which Ug-Muz got involved in. He wanted to feel his hands drip with the blood of his enemies and sure enough, the first opponent he came upon was in the middle of a battle with more brothers of the CovenAnt. Rushing up, he fired his Fiery Reach. As the chain plunged into the chest of his foe, pulling him back to Ug, he followed up with Cleave (two handed weapon skill). That marked Ug’s first kill. As the body lay at Ug’s feet, he felt epic.

Running towards the keep under attack, he was faced with an army of Ebonheart Pact soldiers, lines of ballistae, trebuchets, and other seige equipment. Even against this overwhelming sight, some brave souls ran out to face the wall of death. Among them, Ug-Muz supported his fellow ranged sorcerers and archers. Finally, the melee arm of the battle crushed the sieging Ebonheart Pact.

After all that, I must say the PVP was really fun. While you can “solo”, I would say at least try finding some friends you can take with you. It will give you much greater chance to survive, and it never hurts to have someone watch your back. Also, take soul gems with you as you will probably die a lot. Filling gems is easy enough since you get Soul Trap right off-the-bat in-game.

The combat felt like it felt in PVE. I found it engaging and fluid. While there was some lag – the game is still in beta after all – I didn’t feel like it was preventing me from doing what I needed to do. While I did not get a siege weapon for myself, I loved how it looked. The animal head used by each faction is incorporated into the design of the weapon and it looks beautiful.

If any of you have been following my streams of Oblivion, you will know I have not had that much time in Cyrodiil, but from what I have seen, Cyrodiil in ESO looks a lot like the scenery that I have experienced in that game. The long time players of Oblivion may correct me, but I really think the overall look of ESO in general is really a great work of art. All in all, I can’t wait to head back to Tamriel and Cyrodiil. To quote Josh of the Shoddycast, “for the Quuuueeeen!”


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