Custom PvP Dimensions

rift-storm-legionRift once again ventured into a cool idea that had only been on the wall of crazy for most other MMO games. Today they made a post on their blog that they’ve officially added the ability for players to decorate and coordinate new PvP Dimensions. The idea is basically that players will take a variety of decorations to make an area look themed to a PvP setting, then players will be able to duke it out for glory. According to the post, these new Dimensions will come in both 2 and 3 team varieties.

Additionally, select items are being added to a “complete bundle” that will allow players great tools for setting up their Dimensions. The list included:

  • Faction Banners and Start Points: Banners in PvP Dimensions allow players to ally themselves with a specific faction (Nightfall, Oathsworn, or Dominion), and Start Points give Dimension designers the ability to set unique spawn points for each.
  • Damage and Kill Zones: What’s the fun of an arena without dastardly traps and dangerous obstacles? Place a variety of objects that bring pain – or death! – to areas of your choosing.
  • Scoreboards: Of course you’ll need a way to track winners and losers: scoreboards are here to help.
  • Invisible Tiles and Spheres: With Invisible Tiles and Spheres you can herd combatants to certain areas or require they make leaps of faith into thin air. The uses for these are absolutely endless!

It’s going to be very interesting to see what players come up with. Be sure to check out the Public Dimensions listings over the coming weeks to see the evil designs of your peers first hand.

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